What's the best way to become a great developer?

Create impressive side-projects

But here's what happened last time you tried starting a new project ...

It's hard to find a project idea and stay motivated. Even more so to find one that will impress your peers and employers.

Companies no longer hire based on your resume, but based on what's on your GitHub profile.

So ... are you stuck in junior dev positions for the rest of career?

No. All is not lost! The Great Code Club is the place to learn how to make projects that will impress and make you learn while enjoying the experience.

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Learn, improve, and raise your value by working on interesting projects

Build projects that will land your dream job or get invited at conferences

“ [...], the energy and motivation I got from the first project is part of the catalyst that is getting me to continue working on my personal projects pretty much every night and weekend since. ”

Bryce Darling

Create something. Beef up your portfolio. Be proud!

Want to know how most developers get a job at Google, Twitter, Facebook or the like? They create great projects.

What better way to beef up your portfolio than build a game, a language, a framework from scratch? You'll do all that in the club.

Real, impressive projects, from scratch

Each project re-implements a library, framework or tool you use daily as a developer.

The best way to understand something is to recreate it. The great physicist, Richard Feynman, said is best: “What I cannot create, I do not understand“

All projects are implemented from scratch. Meaning, we won't use any library doing all the work. We'll rebuild the full thing!

Kick-start your own project

The club projects are designed to help you get started on your own projects. Although they are presented using JavaScript, instructions are pointers are given to help them port to other languages.

Many people have already used the projects in the club as a foundation to build their own impressive projects. Here are a few of them.

Fall in love with coding all over again

Learning is important and all, but why do you want to write code for a living? Because it's so much fun! You can create stuff from nothing in a matter of minutes, polish your code into a piece of art and explore your creativity.

“ This has been one of the most fun and exciting parts of my programming life. ”

Edward Price

“ I LOVE the club [...] it's for me the coolest in the world, explore, learn, build new things and be happier programming. ”

Jose Donizetti

The projects

Building a 2D and 3D game from scratch

Build a game like Pong or even one in 3D similar to Doom. You'll build your own game engine from scratch.

Building a database engine

Learn about the data structure behind every database engine. Building your own index mechanism for run queries faster.

Building a virtual machine

Learn how a CPU, a GameBoy emulator or your programming language work inside by building a virtual machine.

Building a backend and frontend web framework

Make a backend framework similar to Express or frontend one like Backbone. Or go wild and create something totally new.

Building a neural network

Learn the foundation of modern machine learning by building a neural network that can learn, from scratch.

Building a language

Build your own CSS templating engine similar to Less. Apply the same concept to build any type of language.

Building a server

Learn how to implement a protocol such as IRC, and make a server that can handle thousands of connections.

Building a real-time web engine

Discover how libraries, such as Socket.io, bring live updates to your browser by building it all from scratch.

Browse the projects built by members

The Author

I'm Marc-André Cournoyer. I created Thin, the most popular Ruby web server, authored the book that helped create many programming languages, including CoffeeScript. And I've taught various courses to thousands of developers.

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